Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Went to the doctor this morning. The doctor confirmed my own diagnosis of "sinus infection." He looked down my throat and said "Oh. yes there's a lot of stuff there." Good! I said. :)  I like to be right. :)  No actually, I like it when it is easy to fix my body feeling bad.  Then he said, "Heard any popping in your ears." I said, "Well, a little I guess." He looked in them and said "Oh yes, there is a lot of fluid there." Good! I said. :)

So he told me he was going to give me antibiotics and said, "You up for a shot that would help quicker?" And I said, "Oh yes, anything that will help."  It was steroids to go with the antibiotics. If I had any doubt about the sinus infection diagnosis, it was gone now. Then of course, he wouldn't be my doctor if he didn't ask if I wanted anything for my headaches. I said "no. nothing helps." He moved on. I like it that my doctor trusts me.

In came the nurse with a needle. I said, "My wife hates needles," not realizing that soon I would be hating them as well. She jabbed it in my hip and it hurt big time. As I was about to cover it with my clothes (I couldn't see it) she said "Oh wait, let me put on a bandaid on that." She swabbed it first and the swab looked like it was a prop from a Dexter expisode. Oh, yes, put a bandaid on that. :)

I still hurt.

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